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Tree & Shrub Care


Our tree and shrub care division is thoroughly trained and ready to help keep your plantings at their best.  We use an integrated pest management approach; which simply means we treat and inspect for plant specific problems going on throughout your property!

Our Services Include:

Deep root fertilization – slow release fertilizer applied directly to the root zone, this provides plantings with vital nutrients to keep them vigorous and healthy throughout the entire growing season.

Insect and disease management – Inspect and treat plantings at proper times to suppress insect and fungus infestations and keep plantings beautiful and healthy.

Winter moth caterpillar applications – A number of deciduous trees are susceptible to winter moth caterpillar damage.  The best time to control winter moths is early spring before their larvae hatch and starts to devastate the foliage.

Anti-Desiccant (winter protection) – This application helps protect plantings from harsh winters and is also beneficial to new plantings.

Flea, tick and mosquito control – Perimeter spray of your property to suppress populations.